Seminars in Galway and Ireland

The Silva Method Foundation course has 2 modules covered over 3 days & 1 day or 4 consecutive days

Attend the four day Silva Method Foundation Course Immersion covering both modules and save €20

For whatever reason you attend the course, all you need to succeed is an open mind, an ability to follow instructions, enjoy yourself and then practice your new skills! You will truly benefit in ways beyond your expectations.

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"Intuition, insight, imagination, intention, inspiration, creativity -- these are the raw materials of consciousness. With them, we can mold our personal reality and through critical mass shape our collective reality, as well."

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Next Seminars

Basic Lecture Series:

BLS: September 28-30th

BLS November 23-25th

1 day SIT: October 1st

1 day SIT: November 26th

4 Day Immersion  Seminar:

September 28th-Oct1st

November: 23-26th


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